Local school board elections saw unprecedented spending this season from the state’s biggest charter school advocacy group, California Charter Schools Association, as well as heavy spending from teachers unions, as both sides vied for more control over the local boards of education that determine which charter schools are allowed to operate.

The race for County Board of Education is usually a low-profile, low-information sort of contest. But this year, four of the five spots on the county’s board are up for grabs. The board will soon select a new superintendent. And charter school advocates have gotten involved this year, backing four challengers.

County officials say the reorganized Juvenile Court and Community Schools will address students’ academic needs, but critics say the shakeup came at an emotional cost.

A meeting packed with talk, superlatives, excuses, but not a
whole lot of action.

The San Diego County Office of Education holds school districts
accountable and fills in the gaps in the system. Yet it flies
remarkably under the radar even as it takes on an increasingly
important role.