San Diego’s ballot this year – 17 state measures, 14 local ones if you live in the city of San Diego, plus trivial stuff like electing the leader of the free world – is so big you’ll actually have to fill out two separate ballot cards. But even if you don’t attach the required 67 cents’ worth of stamps, your ballots will still make their way to the registrar.

One Oceanside City Council member says he still hopes City Treasurer Gary Ernst wins his re-election bid – even though Ernst died last week. “Even though Gary passed away, he is still better qualified than she is,” the councilman said, referring to Ernst’s living opponent.

The San Diego Association of Governments hasn’t been shy about touting the benefits county residents will feel if they pass its proposed ballot measure in November. One of the proposal’s major selling points is that the projects the measure would fund will relieve traffic congestion. We found SANDAG thinks of traffic relief differently than a typical commuter might.

On this week’s SD Explained, VOSD CEO Scott Lewis and NBC 7’s Catherine Garcia break down some of the big ballot measures, plus the latest on the race for the 52nd District.