After years of broken promises and reluctance from some City Council members, the city put two more firefighters in Encanto. Early results are encouraging and more good news is on the way.

Marti Emerald, head of the City Council’s public safety committee, tried to explain why the city hasn’t gone through with a pilot program to address emergency response time disparities.

The city’s now $165K and three mayors into deciding the future of its ambulance services. Todd Gloria will decide next month whether the city will continue with a private company or give the Fire-Rescue Department a shot.

A city consultant recommended a cheaper two-person fire crew to resolve a response time gap in Encanto. It hasn’t happened.

A top Fire-Rescue official weighs in on why the highest risk for delayed responses happens in some of the poorest and brownest areas of the city.

How response times are calculated, why CPR matters, the neighborhoods most at risk and more.