In the ’80s, that game day bowl of guacamole likely included some avocados grown in San Diego. That’s because the region produced about half the state’s avocados back then. Now, according to the latest estimates from the California Avocado Commission, Ventura County is on track to produce about as many avocados as San Diego this year. VOSD’s Ry […]

Mayor and publisher cope with reality, council ponders brewery rules, Filner makes national news and overachievers overachieve.

Unlike California’s Prop. 37, which contained language dictating how the label would appear, the proposed federal legislation would leave wording decisions to the FDA.

Fact-checking the new schools supe, SD and the Farm Bill, behind a violent jail death, droning on and a healthy food shout-out.

What gets into or left out of the next Farm Bill can have important ramifications for our region.