SANDAG staffers tried to be forthcoming about the agency’s forecasting failure in an early draft of an op-ed eventually published under SANDAG board chair Ron Roberts’ name, according to emails obtained by Voice of San Diego. The final product obscured the extent of the agency’s error, and introduced an inaccurate claim.

Statement: “The existing blue line today is probably one of the best light rail lines in the entire country,” said Gary Gallegos, executive director of SANDAG, in a July 17 interview with Voice of San Diego. Determination: Mostly True

There’s a big and a small vision for how to connect the two.

San Diego’s regional planning agency relies on complicated
models and formulas to make big decisions about transportation
projects. But it’s tried to keep those models secret. Advocates who
have gotten their hands on the formulas believe they’re flawed.

The attorney general just slapped down San Diego County’s $200
billion transportation plan for the future. We explain why so many
around the state care about what’s going on here.