Everyone agrees Barrio Logan is changing. The friction comes from discussions over how the change should take shape, and whether it’s a bad thing. In the final episode of Culturecast Season 1, artists, architects and developers weigh in on what people should be doing to address gentrification.

Episode four of Culturecast, VOSD’s podcast covering the intersection of arts and gentrification in Barrio Logan, explores community members’ fears that Barrio Logan will follow the same trajectory as East Village if the Chargers get their new downtown stadium. They say the arts scene that’s been flourishing in and around Barrio Logan will die if the stadium’s built.

The first episode of Culturecast, our new podcast that for its first season examines the tensions created by gentrification and the artistic renaissance in Barrio Logan, ended on a cliffhanger. This week, we pick up where we left off and dig into the challenges local developer Greg Strangman faced after rehabbing a few buildings in Barrio Logan. To […]

The zip code that includes Logan Heights, Shelltown, Southcrest and Barrio Logan is ranked as one of the most rapidly gentrifying areas in the country.

City planners are finalizing a blueprint for Barrio Logan that
would decrease the amount of industrial land in the neighborhood, a
change that residents and advocates support but that business
owners say would hurt them.

Downtown redevelopment and the construction of Petco Park are
altering the nearby centers of San Diego’s Latino community as
whites move in.