When John Lee Evans, a San Diego school board member, explained how he knew Superintendent Cindy Marten would not bend to the capricious will of any single school board trustee, he cited a moment when Marten got intense pressure from trustee Marne Foster and didn’t budge.

Nothing San Diego Unified Superintendent Cindy Marten does has more impact on students than decisions on who should lead district schools. That is why this controversy about what happened to one of those leaders — Mitzi Lizarraga at the School for Creative and Performing Arts — matters.

Even though many of the claims being made over what happened at the School of Creative and Performing Arts are patently false, the superintendent and the Board of Education have been handicapped by legal requirements that prohibit discussing confidential personnel matters.

San Diego Unified decided to rethink its approach to approving charter schools, and made an example of Thrive Public School. Thrive appealed to the State Board of Education – and won. The state, not the district, will now oversee its operations.

Critics inside and outside of the school board have predicted budget mismanagement would rear its head right about now. Instead, we have a balanced school budget that prioritizes students.