City Opera quietly debuts (online, at least). Plus, operatic Nixon, Adams Avenue Unplugged and more in our weekly roundup of culture news.

A slew of recently approved “mixed use” projects totally ignore a requirement for commercial projects to have off-street parking. These new gated communities have minor commercial space and little to no parking, abusing the intent of the city’s land use code, if not the letter of the law.

In many ways, the La Jolla cluster of schools’ new agreement with San Diego Unified represents exactly what the school board has said it wants to see: a community taking ownership of its schools and speaking with unity. But it also points to what may be the Achilles heel of the district’s neighborhood schooling push.

Parent-fundraising groups funnel millions of dollars into San Diego Unified schools to pay for teachers and extra programs. Group leaders say the money isn’t a fair measure of student equity, but schools that get foundation money also tend to have more experienced teachers and more leverage to keep programs and faculty they want.

Resolution of a hot-button tear-down in La Jolla, progress on an innovative proposal in East Village and establishing an adaptive reuse pattern in North Park.