As it deals with an ongoing staffing crisis, the San Diego Police Department is hoping to curb crime by stopping new bars and other establishments that serve alcohol from opening. One Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control official said SDPD has been protesting all new liquor license applications throughout the city.

In May of this year, owners of a Pacific Beach restaurant decided to rebrand their business, changing its name. By October, the restaurant faced an eviction notice. But the name-change row might have been just a side drama. The closure is another consequence of the skyrocketing value of liquor licenses in Pacific Beach.

Pacific Beach is already boozy, but plenty of entrepreneurs who want to cash in on the crowds who flock to the neighborhood to drink and let loose would like it to be even boozier. Getting a new liquor license in Pacific Beach, however, is extremely difficult, in part because the neighborhood already has more than its recommended share […]

The former police detective who allegedly said he’d funnel campaign cash to a mayoral candidate if he agreed to fire Police Chief Bill Lansdowne met with the top cop a month earlier about a liquor license dispute.

Statement: “The vice squad files a protest against every single new alcohol license in the city in order to dictate restrictions on the license,” said Jacob McKean, owner of Modern Times Beer in an April 30 Q-and-A with Voice of San Diego. Determination: Mostly True.