Usually when two people “make it official” it means they’re coming together — getting married, etc. Assembly Speaker Toni Atkins and Sen. Marty Block made it official this week, but they’re doing just the opposite and forcing San Diego Dems to choose a side. “The brewing showdown could cause fractures not just in local San Diego […]

San Diego’s legislators had 91 bills signed into law this session. Not surprisingly, a substantial number of them dealt with veterans and service members, although some lawmakers stuck to other themes.

If you want to understand why GOP support was so hard to come by for a bill steeped in fiscally conservative principles and that originated from a conservative San Diego County government, consider these three points.

A big night for local Democrats and school boosters, the day in photos and fun moments, and a light that lingers.

It’ll be a classic ideological battle for mayor, mad props due the props (they win big), council fight looms and voters (some of them) speak out.