The candidates for City Council District 9, Georgette Gomez and Ricardo Flores, are both Latino Democrats who agree on most issues. But they’ll have a different approach to the job based on their backgrounds, allies and personalities. As they make their final pitches to voters, both candidates are improbably comparing the other to Donald Trump.

David Alvarez calls it the Catch-22 of San Diego development: You’ve got developers desperate to build in areas that don’t want it, and areas desperate for development that developers won’t touch. Alvarez and Councilwomen Myrtle Cole and Marti Emerald have a fix in mind.

Yes, some recent incidents were resolved pretty quickly – but that doesn’t negate the need to add preventative rules to the City Charter to protect access to public information.

Marti Emerald, head of the City Council’s public safety committee, tried to explain why the city hasn’t gone through with a pilot program to address emergency response time disparities.