Hosts Scott Lewis and Andrew Keatts talk about the seemingly insurmountable challenges standing in the way of the mayor’s tax hike proposal and SoccerCity, the plan to redevelop the Qualcomm Stadium site. Also: Omar Passons on his transition from politically engaged citizen to political candidate.

Businessman Peter Farrell says a lot of interesting things: Of course carbon is a greenhouse gas but we’re not emitting enough of it to change the climate. The climate is just changing but not that much. If sea levels are rising, maybe insurance companies should stop providing policies to people in Miami Beach. Australia, he says, […]

Mayor Kevin Faulconer has touted his decision to make the Climate Action Plan legally enforceable – and has made national news for doing so. But Mara Elliott, a candidate for city attorney, says that interpretation of the plan simply isn’t true. Now a key architect of the plan admits there’s some ambiguity.