That’s the conclusion of political science professor Vladimir Kogan, who compared last week’s vote to the 2012 results that gave Bob Filner the mayor’s office.

On Tuesday, the U.S. attorney’s office announced charges against two individuals in a complex campaign finance scheme. And the local political and media worlds exploded.

We’re still learning the details of an elaborate scheme to funnel illegal foreign money into local elections. But already some eyebrow-raising factoids have emerged.

Rep. Juan Vargas doesn’t deny his campaign’s involvement in a campaign finance scandal involving a foreign national and an ex-police officer.

How Turner Construction influences local politics, snags some of the most expensive taxpayer-funded projects and manages to create very few enemies.

In a Q-and-A, Lincoln Club Chairman Bill Lynch reflects on the group’s all-out attacks in the mayoral race, and why he didn’t necessarily support a Filner recall.