The plan to celebrate the centennial of the 1915 Panama-California Exposition may have been doomed from the start. Here’s how it fell apart.

A park as big as Balboa Park contains lots of favorite places, and lots of work to be done. We surveyed some people involved in the park to find out their top picks. What are yours?

The City Council feared it would lose a multimillion-dollar gift for Balboa Park if it did not act quickly and in favor of the proposal the donors had in mind.

‘Balboa Park, San Diego’s great 1,400-acre cultural and recreational asset has gone to war along with the nation,’ read the San Diego Union on Dec. 12, 1941.

Central pieces of what we now have in Balboa Park weren’t always intended to be permanent, and even the 1915 exposition’s location within the park wasn’t a given.

What happens this year will shape our magnificent park for

The City Council gives philanthropist Irwin Jacobs the support
he wanted to move forward on plans to renovate one of Balboa Park’s
central plazas.