Explaining the District 1 Race, SD’s approach to homelessness, Zucchet quits urban renewal board and the mayor’s dashed stadium dreams.

If both the district and its teachers in San Diego are serious about repairing the relationship, then Poway is as good a place as any for them to study.

Mayor hopefuls do the tax tango, calling for unity in schools,
Inzunza wants out of the hoosegow and a doggone crazy cable

The teachers union wants San Diego Unified School District to
stand up to and reform a chaotic state budget process that upsets
teachers. Here are the hurdles its civil disobedience would

San Diego Unified is trying to figure out what it can trim from
its budget and is running into a thicket of rules and regulations,
complicating an already complicated process.

The San Diego Unified School District has been talking about
closing schools to save money for at least seven years, but despite
ever-dropping enrollment, the district has only shuttered one tiny
elementary school in the last decade.