Most of the city’s top mayoral contenders showed up at a police-sponsored forum on Tuesday pledging to bolster police compensation and resources. Then there was former City Attorney Mike Aguirre, whose message was much different.

Mayor Bob Filner didn’t have much time to follow through on his numerous campaign promises.

Lawrence McKinney, one of three black officers to take a top post at the San Diego Police Department, retires Thursday. He reflects on the headway made on race relations in the mid-city community.

How response times are calculated, why CPR matters, the neighborhoods most at risk and more.

Statement: “The vice squad files a protest against every single new alcohol license in the city in order to dictate restrictions on the license,” said Jacob McKean, owner of Modern Times Beer in an April 30 Q-and-A with Voice of San Diego. Determination: Mostly True.

City officials and police leaders act as if a five-year plan for the Police Department has been approved, but it’s still in limbo under the mayor’s microscope.