Development director steps down, VOSD nets top watchdog award, gaps in homeless shelter funding.

Where the sidewalk ends in San Ysidro, the mayor’s poor placement, Seau lawsuit and the best and worst highway stretches

A look back at the issues we’ve covered in the local education world this year.

State Assemblyman Ben Hueso will introduce a bill to tighten controversial borrowing practices at California school districts.

Statement: “I have my press conference here because in the 25 square miles that’s represented by this fire station, which is half the size, by the way, of the city of San Francisco, there is one fire truck and there is maybe a cop on duty. And if they’re called to different places we have nothing in this community,” Mayor Bob Filner said at a Nov. 15 press conference at Fire Station 33 in Rancho Bernardo. Determination: Mostly True

Minds met at our Balboa Park event, more on DeMaio’s performance, schools all over the state are gambling with risky bonds and more.