As a port commissioner, Rafael Castellanos has recused himself from votes three times more than all the other commissioners combined. Usually it was because of ties to developer Sunroad Enterprises, a company with a history of legal issues that end up before the city attorney. Castellanos says his experience with development deals would be an asset to the city.

San Diego’s primary election isn’t for three months, but who will advance to the runoff in the race for city attorney could be decided next week. That’s when the local Democratic Party will choose whether to endorse one of the four Democrats running.

SDPD’s use of body-worn cameras has raised a persistent question: How can cameras rebuild public faith if the public can never see the footage? We asked the five candidates for city attorney to share their approach to an overarching body camera policy and to specific videos that become subject to public scrutiny.

Councilman Scott Sherman claimed no questions were raised about the procedure for appointing port commissioners ahead of the Jan. 7 vote.