Attorney Cory Briggs says the San Diego County Taxpayers Association violated campaign finance rules by spending money on radio ads against Measure D without disclosing that spending within 24 hours. The group says it’s not subject to those rules. But two campaign finance experts seem to disagree.

A growing coalition wants to help monitor how San Diego Unified schools spends LCFF funds from the state. The funding setup is new, but wariness about how the district divvies out money isn’t.

Members of the Jobs Coalition say they support tax increases to fund affordable housing. But nailing down precisely which members support which tax hikes is tough since the group never took a formal vote on each item.

The fact is, every government in America buys a large number of goods and services from the private sector every day. Governments decide what they need and who can provide it for the best value, just as we do in our private lives.