In 2014, teachers and parents complained about a charter school principal who micromanaged classrooms, bullied staff and chased away teachers. The district brought in a parent to help quell the chaos. Fast-forward a year, and the same complaints are swirling – only now they’re about the person brought in to fix the problem.

Lindsay Burningham, the new president of the San Diego Education Association, is seen as more moderate and likely to compromise than some members of the union’s more aggressive faction. But she’s also holding strong to the kinds of teacher protections that have rankled reformers for years.

Superintendent Cindy Marten has inspired the San Diego Unified School District from the start. But those who’ve observed her efforts to transform the district say there are trade-offs to consider with what she’s doing.

The school board trustee has vowed to stay on at San Diego Unified, despite taking the region’s most high-profile labor job. Is that a conflict?

The county’s largest school district has a bold new plan for assessing schools, but actually implementing that plan is unlikely to happen any time soon.

In 2011, the San Diego Unified School District was on the brink of insolvency. Now, officials are talking about stability and even reinvestment.

A look back at the issues we’ve covered in the local education world this year.