The governor’s new taxes, which narrowly passed on Tuesday night, will prevent massive cuts to education funding, but local education leaders cautioned that it’s not a permanent fix to the state’s budget woes.

Statement: “[H]e became vice-principal at a middle school. But he was fired as an ‘ineffective campus leader,'” states a mailer paid for by the American Federation of Teachers. Determination: Huckster Propaganda

San Diego Unified’s deal to avoid teacher layoffs was heralded as a masterful compromise, but the district has also staked the length of the school year on increased taxes, a move that puts kids’ education directly in the hands of California voters.

Last week’s big labor deal cements a whole new approach for the powerful teachers union and gets the district off the hook for pay raises. But it might also result in a shorter school year.

Watch our explainer of the deal that will bring back more than 1,500 laid-off educators, with the help of a couple of cute kids.