To Richard Barrera, his roles as a San Diego Unified trustee and leader within the local labor movement don’t conflict – they complement each other perfectly. On the school board, Barrera led a deal to hire more union workers for school construction projects, helped elect union-backed school board members and selected Cindy Marten as superintendent without a public search.

A campaign flyer for David Alvarez says a measure he championed has been “protecting people’s property values when banks foreclose on neighboring homes.” There’s not much evidence to prove whether that’s true.

The two most powerful coalitions in local politics — the right-of-center business Republicans and the largest labor unions — were both spending and working to persuade voters that Nathan Fletcher simply could not be trusted.

As a teenager, David Alvarez once heard another student ask of Barrio Logan, “Why would anyone want to live here?” Soon after, he attended his first community meeting.

Mickey Kasparian said his reaction to Nathan Fletcher’s mayoral candidacy comes down to time. Fletcher simply has not had enough of it to demonstrate who he is as a Democrat.

His failures over the last few months exemplified the mayor’s inability to fully execute his ideas amid struggles with personal demons.

Three’s a crowd in updating community plans, getting money where the mouths are, troubled vets wait years for help, Frye vs. DeMaio tensions flare.