Not only does new data show the lowest-performing students in the class of 2016 were transferring out of San Diego Unified, school officials now admit that’s exactly what has happened in the past – a major reversal after the district vehemently denied that was the case.

On this week’s San Diego Explained, Voice of San Diego’s Mario Koran and NBC 7’s Monica Dean explain the nuts and bolts of the California Public Records Act and detail how some public documents have been key to understanding decisions made by San Diego Unified and other public agencies.

The San Diego Unified School District will soon erase emails older than one year. The district hasn’t said whether existing California Public Records Act requests will still be produced. That the district might allow emails requested before the new policy was enacted to disappear could subvert the very laws meant to ensure the public can examine public officials’ conduct.

Unforeseen issues drove the cost to overhaul Encanto Elementary 30 percent over budget. The project’s contractor was facing financial problems at the same time of the cost increases; but the district is adamant that there’s no link between the company’s issues and the cost overruns.