Most school districts in San Diego County – and throughout the state – struggle with declining enrollment. But the city of San Marcos’ population has more than doubled since 1990, and that’s meant lots of new students for San Marcos Unified, which has to constantly find space for its growing student body.

As San Diego’s urban neighborhoods struggle to build the low-income, transit-focused projects the city says it needs, the North County city is thriving. “The experience of San Marcos shows there is indeed a market for people to live near transit,” said one smart-growth advocate.

Drones have helped capture images of the Rim Fire and other big blazes. But so far, the images of the fires burning in San Diego County have come from hobbyists.

Local insurance agents like me are sponsoring the initiative because we want sell more insurance to more people — not fewer. With more competition rates go down and everyone can be insured.

We know San Diego County can become a model for sustainability
and quality of life if we all work together to get these issues
back on the agenda for the 2012 elections.

Federal prosecutors say an escrow officer helped make Jim McConville’s real estate scheme work by cloaking his cut from banks. She’s one of five others charged alongside him.