Our Lisa Halverstadt reported Wednesday that the San Diego Unified School District was preparing to install far more solar power systems in coming years. Now, she takes a look back at the district’s struggle and missed targets over the years with solar and why officials think it will be different this time around. The goal […]

Mayor Bob Filner didn’t have much time to follow through on his numerous campaign promises.

Clean-tech innovators like biofuel and solar energy companies have growing footholds in San Diego. But the sector also faces difficulties that could sap momentum.

Mayor Bob Filner pledged that all city and school district buildings would be solar-powered within five years.

Filner’s sunny promise lacks details, the retiree’s extra $500,000, U-T loses another sports writer and fighting red-light camera.

The mayoral candidate wants to power all city and school buildings with solar energy in five years. For it to work, details matter. And, for now, Filner doesn’t have them.