Proposition 51, a statewide ballot measure, is being billed as a $9 billion school bond project that will fix leaky roofs and remove asbestos from classrooms. Those priorities were also front and center in the ballot language for Prop. Z, a local bond passed in 2012. Tens of millions in Prop. Z money has also been spent on stadiums. Prop. 51 funds could also be used to fund stadiums, the state Legislative Analyst’s Office told us.

CityBeat’s Ryan Bradford joins the podcast this week to get us in the Halloween spirit by talking about his book “Horror Business,” a sweaty pagan pride festival and the reason people are attracted to fear. Also on this week’s podcast, Voice of San Diego’s Scott Lewis and Andrew Keatts dissect the latest stadium video that […]

The condemnation of a vague existential threat to the shipbuilding industry is strange, considering just last year the paper urged the city to move the 10th Avenue Terminal south in favor of a stadium.

How Europeans use crowdfunding to strengthen sports teams — and what we could learn from them.