Immigration to the U.S. from Mexico might soon slow even without a wall, but companies are clamoring to build one anyway. Plus: More violence in Tijuana, ongoing fallout over the sewage spill, journeying to the U.S. in video game form and more in our biweekly roundup of news from the border.

Performance artist Ana Teresa Fernandez has, once again, painted a segment of the border wall blue. If you stand on the beach in Playas and look north, the wall blends almost seamlessly with the sky, as if you could easily walk through the bars and end up in Imperial Beach. Fernandez has performed “Borrando la […]

Persuading people to vote is tough in Tijuana, where turnouts are usually low. A victory for Julián Leyzaola, the city’s former police chief who’s now running for mayor, would be noteworthy for several reasons. Here’s what you need to know about him ahead of Tijuana’s June 5 election.