Statement: “The existing blue line today is probably one of the best light rail lines in the entire country,” said Gary Gallegos, executive director of SANDAG, in a July 17 interview with Voice of San Diego. Determination: Mostly True

The beaches and mid-city neighborhoods, walkable areas that aren’t yet served by the trolley, must continue to make do with bus services.

The incoming superintendent of city schools draws a crowd, cracks some jokes and repeats some catchy stock phrases.

The mayor’s budget in charts, taxpayer money for the zoo, talking Klingon, county fund update and a talk with ‘Snow White.’

Filner on another warpath, the next Meeting of the Minds, an ex-DA passes away, and a swift tortoise-like economy.

There’s a big and a small vision for how to connect the two.

Where the sidewalk ends in San Ysidro, the mayor’s poor placement, Seau lawsuit and the best and worst highway stretches

The ‘rigidity’ of the law is what keeps big money developers from being able to change the height law for the benefit of their own bank accounts.