If recent numbers are a guide, thousands of students could be at risk of failing to meet new graduation standards that kick in two years from now. But the district says the support system it’s putting in place will fill in the gaps.

Cindy Marten wants to bridge the divide between students who struggle and those who succeed. Here’s a look at a few of the factors at play when it comes to the so-called achievement gap.

Arbitration companies in California have long been required to make their records public, but many don’t bother, leaving consumers in the dark about a rapidly growing sector of the state’s justice system.

If San Diego Unified wants all of its graduates to be college-ready, it needs to get an earlier start on supporting students.

Scientists concerned about ocean acidification are beginning to take a closer look off our own San Diego shoreline.

The younger Jacobs clan has been revealed as potential white knights, ones that could augment our chances of keeping the teams we have and someday attracting new ones.

Those cases added up to more than $320 million in damages, fees, cost recovery or savings for the city in the past two years.

Anxiety over the national debt is putting pressure on how much Medicare pays hospitals, while fed up employers, who pay the bulk of health care premiums, are negotiating tougher contracts with providers.