A growing coalition wants to help monitor how San Diego Unified schools spends LCFF funds from the state. The funding setup is new, but wariness about how the district divvies out money isn’t.

Gov. Jerry Brown’s new school funding plan requires each district to create an accountability plan. But some parents and outside groups believe their efforts at holding San Diego Unified accountable haven’t always been taken seriously.

It’s easy to retrospectively point out areas where San Diego’s last four superintendents fell short. It’s much more difficult to take each lesson and apply it to the current state of the district.

Superintendent Cindy Marten has inspired the San Diego Unified School District from the start. But those who’ve observed her efforts to transform the district say there are trade-offs to consider with what she’s doing.

What we’re not doing for teacher evaluation, all kinds of interesting things from the mayor’s race, canvassing the cares and quirks of City Council District 7, and more.

While we examine ways to fairly measure teacher performance, we cannot simply ignore the importance of student test-taking as a means of judging the effect on our children’s futures. But teachers and parents both agree it cannot be the only way.