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    I rounded up a few numbers related to weekend’s ArtLabs to get our heads around as we plan our lab-hopping adventures.

    18 ArtLabs: 7 at the Hilton, 1 at the Museum of Art, 1 virtually on the waterfront, 3 in North Park, 1 in Barrio Logan, 3 in East Village, 1 in San Ysidro/Tijuana.

    • Amount of found fabric in Picnic blanket: 1,000 feet.

    • Portraits of San Diego’s homeless population in (In)Visible Project: 37.

    • Handmade transparencies in Adjacent Possible: 138.

    Help Us Raise $100k By the End of May

    • Months that Space 4 Art spent building the stage: 9.

    Pounds of baking flour in “Self titled:” 200.

    • Ear infections acquired by Andrew Oslovar while filming “X.O. has the Conn“: 2

    150 artists, at least, tied specifically to ArtLab projects

    45 faculty members and students at Woodbury University in Barrio Logan displaying work coinciding with the weekend’s events

    I’m Kelly Bennett, the arts editor for VOSD. You can reach me directly at or 619.325.0531.

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