A commentary from local artist and art professor Katherine Sweetman has reignited a conversation about how The San Diego Union-Tribune covers the arts. Sweetman had been tapped to write one of the newspaper laid off Robert Pincus, its longtime art critic. Music critic James Chute assumed the role of both music and art critic.

    The paper has since launched a new arts blog section and several local artists and scholars have taken up that effort in the last few weeks. They write their own content and post it directly to the website themselves without editing. The newspaper includes a disclaimer to that end on the description for this “Sketchbook” blog section: “The sketchbook provides a glimpse inside the creative processes and challenges of working artists in San Diego. They run as created by our local contributors.”

    Therefore, Sweetman could post her complaint directly to the U-T’s website without it being seen by an editor. But the U-T removed Sweetman’s post this morning. She or 619.325.0531 and follow me on Twitter: @kellyrbennett.

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      Written by Kelly Bennett

      Kelly Bennett is a freelance contributor to Voice of San Diego. You can reach her directly at


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