Math scores have grown in San Diego Unified, especially in middle school, over the years, newly released test results from a national assessment reveal. In fact, the school district was one of the few large urban school districts that actually saw its middle school math scores rise in recent years.

It also outscores the average for other large city districts, but that may not be surprising because of its demographics and its sprawling geography, which includes seemingly suburban areas like Scripps Ranch.

You can check out the summary of the math results here. The scores are from the Trial Urban District Assessment, one of the few tests that allow us to compare how school districts in different states are faring. Tests for No Child Left Behind, for instance, are different from state to state, which permits states to lower the bar on their test to make their results look better and makes it difficult to gauge how different districts are doing.

I’m still ferreting out more details. Send me your questions and observations about the data at Or check out the full report here.



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