The June primary is right around the corner and four of the five spots on the board of the San Diego County Office of Education are up for grabs. But many voters are unaware of what, exactly, the office does.

Think of it as the Big Brother of local school districts.

With a $600 million annual budget, the Office of Education oversees the county’s school districts and can do things like put someone in charge of a district’s budget during a financial crisis and coordinate legal fees and payments if a school district gets sued.

In this week’s San Diego Explained, VOSD’s Scott Lewis and San Diego NBC 7’s Monica Dean go into detail about the Office of Education’s role in San Diego and why so many are fighting to lead it.

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    Written by Lina Chankar

    Bill Bradshaw
    Bill Bradshaw subscribermember

    "'s likely that school reformers and teachers unions will "duke it out" for those four open seats....."  Scott Lewis has accidentally explained the California education system in one simple statement.          

    Way to go, Scott!  I'm rooting for the reformers, but they are definitely the underdogs.