The Gay and Lesbian Times reported yesterday that there are “strong rumors that San Diego Unified School District Board President Shelia Jackson is thinking about taking on Donna Frye for Democratic support in the District 4 County Supervisor race.”

I decided to ask Jackson if there was any truth to those rumors. I’ve heard them too — but if every school rumor I heard was true, Superintendent Terry Grier would be in Texas by now. Jackson didn’t give me a yes — but she didn’t give me a definitive no either.

“I’m not sure yet what I’m going to do,” Jackson said. “I might. 2010 is a huge year. … We’ll see.”

She isn’t the only Jackson getting into the political waters: Her daughter Kendra is now working as an administrative assistant at the county Democratic Party headquarters.

Jackson was a visible supporter of Frye’s when she ran for San Diego mayor in 2005.


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