Mark Kersey, the Rancho Bernardo resident running to fill the City Council seat that Carl DeMaio is vacating, isn’t out going door-to-door to convince would-be voters that he’s their guy.

He doesn’t need to. He’s running unopposed.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t vital issues and concerns confronting the residents of San Diego’s City Council District 5, which includes San Pasqual, Rancho Bernardo, Black Mountain Ranch, Sabre Springs, Rancho Encantada and part of Rancho Peñasquitos. (Here’s a map of the new district lines if you aren’t sure whether you’re in it or not.)

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I’m going to spend the next week learning about your concerns, about the issues affecting your community. Here’s one interesting tidbit I’ve already picked up: For all the talk about education in the mayor’s race, it’s not an issue that resonates in places like Rancho Bernardo, where students don’t attend San Diego Unified schools.

I’ll be visiting your restaurants, cafes, hangouts, and, I hope, sitting down with as many of you as I possibly can in a week. Then, on Friday, I’ll sit down with Kersey and put your questions and concerns to him. And I’ll be telling your stories through the week.

I can’t do this without your tips and insights, so get in touch. The best way over the weekend is to send me an email at During next week, try my cell phone: 619.259.0529 or email me. Thanks! I’ll have more to come in the days that follow.

Rob Davis is a senior reporter at You can contact him directly at or 619.325.0529.

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    Written by Rob Davis

    Rob Davis is a former senior reporter for Voice of San Diego. He is currently a freelance writer in San Diego. He can be reached at or 619.259.0529.

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