San Diego’s weather is nice, but it comes at a price. Thanks to our city’s high cost of housing, some say the only real affordable housing left in the region is actually across the border in Tijuana.

With the ease of traveling to Mexico and less rigorous permitting laws and inexpensive building costs there, San Diego developers are making Tijuana the newest living destination for more adventurous San Diegans.

But when one problem nears a solution, another one arises. Tijuana as a solution to San Diego’s affordable housing crisis could drive out low- and middle-income Mexicans who can’t compete with San Diegans’ income level.

VOSD’s Maya Srikrishnan and NBC 7 San Diego’s Monica Dean dive in to the topic in this week’s San Diego Explained.

    This article relates to: Housing, Land Use, San Diego Explained

    Written by Lina Chankar

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