Jorge Serrano
Jorge Serrano

While we mull over the journalistic merits of the NYT and Sean Penn, we might also call into question the equanimous certainty with which the news media announce El Chapo's various captures.

Why did El Peñejo, Mexico's fake president, tweet proudly "mission accomplished" to announce the alleged capture of his most generous campaign contributor? How is it that the mugshots from his various captures show three different El Chapos? How many people in El Chapo's income bracket have even one mugshot?

The breathless way in which this capture has been reported evokes the melodramatic style of CSI, NCIS, or Los ricos también lloran: of course, because the story makes sense only with that same suspension of disbelief that makes soap operas work. Let's stop clutching the pearls and start following the money.

brian gulino
brian gulino subscriber

Movie stars, secret tunnels, and drug lords makes for exciting reading and probably, writing. It is important to note that none of this seems to have any effect on the quantity of drugs available in the United States. Unless you talk about how absolutely ineffectual all of this is in reducing drug abuse, you are complicit in the whole expensive and destructive charade that is U.S. drug policy.