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      Written by Voice of San Diego

      Vicki Fox
      Vicki Fox

      March 20th 2015

      So what exactly is going on at the San Diego Auto Museum?

      Over the years my husband (who is a huge “car” guy) and I have paid visits to the museum.  And what do we see – the same old cars that have been sitting in there for years in a building that is in total disrepair and looks like it’s stuck in the mid 50’s.  The floor is stained and dirty, the windows are old and cracked and there is no heat or air – throw open a door and maybe you’d have a breeze and fresh ideas to spruce the place up?

      This year we are celebrating a wonderful time in our city with the 100th Anniversary of our beautiful Balboa Park.  But stacked alongside the Air and Space Museum, Natural History Museum and Museum of Art this museum is a disgrace

      I also now understand that several of the big local car clubs no longer associate with the museum due to personal issues, rumored miss management of funds and a board that passes on all efforts to improve and upgrade the building.  Not the least is the Director who recently hired her partner (isn't that nepotism?) and a bare bones budget that goes primarily to education and not upgrades to a crumbing and embarrassing infrastructure.  And if you check I believe the board just unceremoniously canned their 2nd board president in 3 years because they wanted to make some changes!  Sounds like the lunatics are running the asylum.  And that maybe, just maybe, it might be time for a new younger board with a vision rather than a memory?

      Isn't it about time someone from the outside took a look at what’s going on, on the inside?

      So I ask what exactly is going on at the San Diego Auto Museum?

      A Miata Lover!


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