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It's OK – You Can Call It the Super Bowl

It’s the NFL’s world and we’re just living in it. When you can and can’t call it the Super Bowl (spoiler: you’re probably safe), plus the city’s options for fixing your beloved San Diego structures and streets.

Got a bowl in your house you want to call the Super Bowl? Go ahead.

Planning to start a big football game, any time of year, anywhere? Don’t call it the Super Bowl.

Local trademark attorney (and hilarious legal wonk) David Lizerbram joined us on the podcast this week to break down something that grinds his gears every year around this time: references to the “Big Game” by confused and frightened businesses.

“The only reason that (term) exists is that the NFL has created their own reality.” Lizerbram told us. “It’s the same vortex that goes around the NFL when they’re talking about a stadium or anything else. They’re so big, the law has essentially bent to them — or the perception of the law has bent to them. It drives me crazy.”

Also on the show, the difference between lease revenue bonds and a megabond to deal with our jarringly huge infrastructure woes, remembering Peggy Shannon and why San Diego Unified and former trustee Scott Barnett get dual Goat status this week. Oh, and that op-ed that got Scott Lewis into hot water? You can read it here.

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