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    Several hundred people protesting recent gasoline price increases in Mexico took over Tijuana’s El Chaparral port of entry Sunday afternoon as Mexican customs agents and the military who guard the border crossing withdrew from the area.

    For more than five hours, protesters cheered and chanted slogans calling for demands such as an end to government corruption and the removal of Mexican president Peña Nieto as vehicles entered the country without inspection.

    An identical protest happened on Saturday.

    At the request of Mexican authorities, the California Highway Patrol began diverting traffic away from the border crossing, according to the San Diego Union-Tribune.

    Since the Jan. 1 gasoline price increases began, protests have flared across Mexico. Blockades by protesters of gasoline distribution trucks in Baja California have caused widespread gasoline shortages in Tijuana, Rosarito Beach and Mexicali.

    Here are some scenes from Sunday’s demonstrations.

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    tijuana border protest FINAL 01

    A young woman shouts along with other demonstrators.

    tijuana border protest FINAL 02

    People wave Mexican flags as cars enter the Mexican border crossing.

    tijuana border protest FINAL 03

    A young woman shouts during the demonstrations.

    tijuana border protest FINAL 04

    A man directs cars into the Mexican border crossing.

    tijuana border protest FINAL 05

    People cheer as cars enter the Mexican border crossing.

    tijuana border protest FINAL 06

    Another car is waved into the border crossing.

    tijuana border protest FINAL 09

    People carry boxes of pizza to protesters.

    tijuana border protest FINAL 10

    Men dressed as the biblical Three Kings pose for photographs during the protest.

    tijuana border protest FINAL 12

    A motorist gives a high five to two protesters.

    tijuana border protest FINAL 14

    Two woman chat as motorists enter the Mexican border crossing.

    tijuana border protest FINAL 16


    Three woman cheer on motorists entering the Mexican border crossing.

    tijuana border protest FINAL 17

    Three men eat doughnuts that were donated to protesters.

    All photos by David Maung.

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      Written by David Maung

      Bit-watcher subscriber

      Why no report on why they were protesting at the border?  If they weren't blocking traffic, why was that border point closed?

      End corruption in Mexico -- a worthy goal.

      Gernot subscriber

      Gasoline was so cheap in Mexico that I myself and many other gringos went there to fill up. Now it is the other way around. Mexicans come to the U.S. to fill up as we have the cheaper gas now.

      Honestly gasoline was subsidized in Mexico for decades and now Mexicans have to be weaned. It's hard buy necessary. Just like druggies have to be weaned of their bad habits.

      Cheram Morales
      Cheram Morales

      There is no subsidy to gasoline, there has never been, what happens is that they went up about thirty percent tax. And those taxes are stolen by the government. 

      craig Nelson
      craig Nelson

      They are protesting that their gas won't be subsidised any more?