The Chargers are gone, and now Qualcomm Stadium and the Mission Valley land it sits on are up for grabs.

Plenty of people want it. The city owns it. And voters may have a chance to weigh in on what ultimately happens.

A group named FS Investors is floating a proposal called SoccerCity. The group wants to demolish Qualcomm Stadium, build a new stadium for soccer and use by San Diego State University, and develop the rest of the property for new housing, retail and a riverfront park.

On this week’s San Diego Explained, NBC7’s Monica Dean and Voice of San Diego’s Scott Lewis detail the SoccerCity plan, its path forward and some of the obstacles standing in its way.

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    Written by Kinsee Morlan

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    Gernot subscriber

    The question here is where does everybody park? I see not parking lot of course it could be underground?

    George in BayHo
    George in BayHo subscriber

    How about we take a while to catch our breath?  Football team leaves in disgrace just in time for developers to execute a land grab.  How about a five year moratorium while a citizen panel evaluates alternatives?