No one has been held accountable for the 1998 murder of 12-year-old Stephanie Crowe.

Interim District Attorney Summer Stephan, who is currently campaigning for the 2018 election, was one of the prosecutors in the case. Crowe’s brother and two of his friends were originally charged with the murder of his sister. Those charges, though, were later dropped. A homeless man was convicted in the murder, but his conviction was tossed. He was found not guilty after a new trial.

Stephan has tried to distance herself from the botched case, but court documents and accounts from key witnesses paint a different picture.

On this week’s San Diego Explained, Voice of San Diego’s Ashly McGlone and NBC 7’s Monica Dean examine Stephan’s role in the murder case of Stephanie Crowe.

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    Written by Adriana Heldiz

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    TJ Apple
    TJ Apple subscribermember

    Summer Stephan is the wrong choice, if she is the best there is than it is a sad commentary on the district attorney's office.

    rhylton subscriber

    Summer Stephan's explanation (seeking expiation) is all that I need. She claims that her conduct was examined and it was found that she had violated no laws (or something similar.)That is not enough. That is not nearly enough, and San Diego county has seen enough of that standard under the Bonnie lass. Principles and morality matters. The devotion to winning is corrupting