San Diego’s deadly hepatitis A outbreak has made national news for a few weeks now.

But it turns out, the epidemic has been building since last November. More than 481 San Diegans are infected and 17 people have already died.

Although the disease has hit San Diego’s homeless communication the hardest, 125 of those infected don’t fit that category.

We’ve put together a quick video that explains how the hepatitis A outbreak came to be in San Diego, local officials’ initially slow reaction to the spread of the virus and what they’re doing now to address the crisis.

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    Written by Adriana Heldiz

    Adriana Heldiz is Voice of San Diego’s Assistant Digital Manager. She makes videos and helps manage the organization’s online presence. Adriana can be reached at

    John Porter
    John Porter subscriber

    Better get your shots.  This is only the beginning.

    Molly Cook
    Molly Cook

    I'm not sure I understand the point of the video here. A recap of what did - and more importantly did NOT - happen in SD regarding Hep A.  But no solutions, no additional information. 

    I'm a little tired of these ongoing analyses (always with a somber voice) and the apparent dodgeball game going on still among city officials. 

    I'm waiting for the lawsuits against the city and city officials to begin. Who will be held responsible for the shameful deaths of the 17 who died from an outbreak that could have been managed at the beginning if anyone in the city leadership had had the interest and the integrity to step up?