In 2010, for some reason, then-Mayor Jerry Sanders refused to re-appoint Gil Cabrera to the city’s Ethics Commission. Cabrera still doesn’t know why, he said this week in a one-on-one conversation with me about his run for city attorney.

Cabrera is the second candidate to sit down with me. Last week I talked with Mara Elliott, another Democrat and a chief deputy city attorney. She had criticized Cabrera for taking support from Cory Briggs, who frequently sues the city and was partly responsible for the halt to the expansion of the Convention Center.

Cabrera said it’s good that he has a relationship with Briggs. They will perhaps be able to work out conflicts, but if they don’t they’ll be on opposite sides. “If there’s an issue to fight, we’re going to fight,” Cabrera said.

Still to come in this series: Republican candidate Robert Hickey and the third Democrat in the race, Rafael Castellanos. Got any questions for either of them? Let us know.

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    Written by Scott Lewis

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