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    These were the most popular Voice of San Diego stories for the week of Apr. 1-Apr. 7.

    1. Undocumented and Upper Class: A House in Bay Park, But No Hope of a Green Card
    Jose and Linda own 11 properties, including a home in an affluent neighborhood overlooking Mission Bay. But despite achieving financial success and marrying a U.S. citizen, Jose is now a priority for deportation. (Mario Koran)

    2. Goodbye Warehouses, Hello High-Rises: Look at the Massive East Village Building Boom
    East Village is in the midst of an unprecedented building boom. People of the neighborhood are filled with hopes, and concerns, about how the neighborhood will look once the cranes come down. (Kinsee Morlan)

    3. The 20 Schools in San Diego Unified Facing the Most Teacher Layoffs
    Looming layoffs at the San Diego Unified School District would disproportionately hit lower-income schools. Of the 20 schools facing the most layoffs, 13 have a student body with at least 75 percent of kids receiving subsidized lunch. (Mario Koran)

    4. New and Improved (and Taxpayer-Funded) FieldTurf Fields Are Still Failing
    School districts spent a lot on fancy turf fields, then bought expensive upgrades when they fell apart. Now, those premium fields are falling apart, too. (Ashly McGlone)

    5. Mayor Tosses Proposals for the Old Central Library, Which Now Could Become a Homeless Shelter
    The city asked for proposals for the old Central Library, which has been vacant since the new one opened in 2013. Three groups responded but the mayor tossed them out. Now a new group of power brokers is scoping the property out for use as a temporary shelter for the homeless. (Lisa Halverstadt)

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    6. Riding Trump Opposition, Two Challengers Take on Comfortable Incumbents
    The 2018 political map is taking shape, including two unlikely challengers to long-time incumbents who are already invoking President Donald Trump to help make their case. (Andrew Keatts)

    7. A Therapy Dog Might Have Sniffed Out a Major Problem for Kids Across San Diego Unified
    A therapy dog happened to sniff out a lead problem in one San Diego Unified School – and might have alerted the district to more widespread problems. (Mario Koran and Ry Rivard)

    8. SANDAG Chair Says He Would Have Done Crucial Op-Ed Differently Now
    SANDAG staffers tried to be forthcoming about the agency’s forecasting failure in an early draft of an op-ed eventually published under SANDAG board chair Ron Roberts’ name, according to emails obtained by Voice of San Diego. The final product obscured the extent of the agency’s error, and introduced an inaccurate claim. (Andrew Keatts)

    9. Lead in Water at San Diego Schools: What We Know and Don’t Know
    Three schools in the San Diego region reported problems with lead in the water. (Ry Rivard)

    10. Lawmaker Voted for State Law Meant to Thwart Local Law She Crafted
    When Marie Waldron was on the Escondido City Council, she proposed an ordinance to keep landlords from renting to undocumented immigrants, and the state soon passed a law outlying similar local decisions. Curiously, Waldron, now an assemblywoman, just voted to strengthen the state law passed in reaction to her proposal in Escondido. (Maya Srikrishnan)

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