These were the most popular Voice of San Diego stories for the week of Jan. 30-Feb. 5.

1. San Diego’s Oversupply of Water Reaches a New, Absurd Level
The San Diego County Water Authority has dumped a half billion gallons of costly drinking water into a lake near Chula Vista. (Ry Rivard)

2. What Brought Marne Foster Down
Following months of allegations, San Diego Unified School Board trustee Marne Foster resigned over an issue that had never surfaced publicly. (Mario Koran)

3. Historic Mexican Neighborhood Faces a Quintessential Solana Beach Problem
La Colonia de Eden Gardens, a neighborhood in Solana Beach, is zoned for density that its residents don't want. (Maya Srikrishnan)

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4. The Chargers Are Staying! But Another Deadline Is Approaching
The mayor said he was putting a Convention Center plan on the ballot. If he aims for June ballot, it would kill a downtown stadium idea in coming weeks. (Scott Lewis)

5. Border Report: Nabbing El Chapo’s Capos
The Sinaloa cartel of quasi-mythical El Chapo fame took a serious hit over the weekend, when a joint operation between Mexican officials, the DEA, FBI and ICE captured 24 high-ranking members in a cross-border raid in Lukeville, Ariz. and Sonoyta, Sonora. (Enrique Limón)

6. The 5 Craziest Moments From the New Filner Book
Bob Filner’s former chief of staff Lee Burdick has written a deep insider account of the nine insane months Filner was San Diego’s mayor. We've pulled out the most explosive anecdotes. (Liam Dillon)

7. Homelessness Downtown Has Spiked Dramatically
Unsheltered homeless residents are increasingly settling on downtown streets, according to a business group that counts the homeless each month. (Lisa Halverstadt)

8. Scripps Ranch Deal Would Force Charter School to Move on — Again
A deal between San Diego Unified and a developer would force charter school Innovation Academy to move for the fourth time in eight years. (Mario Koran)

9. Schools Trustee Pressured Superintendent to Pay for Son’s College
Unsealed documents show San Diego Unified Superintendent Cindy Marten knew then-trustee Marne Foster planned to submit a claim against the district. (Mario Koran)

10. Opinion: The Many Problems With the Proposed Fish Farm in San Diego
The project presents a number of serious, long-term risks for the environment. (Matt O’Malley)

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    Written by Tristan Loper

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