The San Diego Association of Governments touts its proposed ballot measure as a tool to solve many of the region’s transportation and infrastructure problems.

Relieving congestion is among the things the proposed half-cent sales tax would purportedly do, if passed by voters in November.

Podcast hosts Scott Lewis and Andrew Keatts dig in to VOSD reporter Maya Srikrishnan’s recent fact check of that claim. They discuss the nuances behind what SANDAG actually means when it talks about traffic and congestion relief and explain why the claim is a stretch.

This rest of this week’s podcast is a little different than usual. Lewis and Keatts essentially craft an audio digest of several recent VOSD stories. Keatts talks about the documents he got from the civil case against San Diego Police Officer Neal Browder, the officer who shot and killed an unarmed, mentally ill man last year. The files provide a rare look into how SDPD evaluated and disciplined the officer (spoiler alert: they didn’t).

They also touch on the San Diego Unified principal with questionable credentials and the trend of moving problem principals into special assignments, the big disappointment that was District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis’ testimony in the trial of the Mexican businessman accused of making illegal campaign contributions and the week in Chargers news. There’s also a Chargers bet involving a cheesesteak.

Mary Walter-Brown, the publisher and chief operating officer of Voice of San Diego, also joins the show to talk about VOSD’s current fundraising campaign and her role in raising money for journalism.

We Stand Up for You. Will You Stand Up for Us?

“It’s an interesting challenge, but one I think is a worthy one,” she said. ” It’s difficult for philanthropists and corporate funders to think about funding journalism. We’re viewed as being controversial and Voice especially is irreverent and not afraid of tipping any sacred cows.”

Hero of the Week

The San Diego County Bicycle Coalition gets a big thumbs-up for bringing back CicloSDias after a two-year hiatus. The event clears city streets to celebrate biking and walking.

Goat of the Week

The newly elected board trustees for the San Diego County Office of Education want a say on who should fill the county superintendent role if Randy Ward, who’s currently on paid leave after a lawsuit alleged he illegally paid himself $100,000, is ultimately let go. There’s a logic to their point, but Keatts and Lewis dinged incoming board member Mark Powell for his awkward comparison to the current stalemate over the U.S. Supreme Court.

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    Written by Kinsee Morlan

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    Daniel Smiechowski
    Daniel Smiechowski subscriber

    We have failed leadership on our San Diego City Council. While various groups promoting alternative transportation including SANDAG and Circulate San Diego self impose ridiculous mandates in getting us out of our cars, the opposite effect is more likely. In this case, if you build it they will not come unless you live in Denmark. What a crock of goods you good folks are being sold. I do not own a car, walk everywhere, take public transportation, ride my bicycle as a triathlete and to the store, run when I can and swim often. I have devoted my life to this very issue of alternative transportation but the second half of the equation is missing. Demographics , social stigma, sociological factors, psychological and cultural issues so ingrained in our society currently foreclose on the notion of getting people out of their cars. Last I heard, car sales are at an all time high in the good old USA. Everyone has a bike in their garage but not under their legs. For the minority out there that understand my words, God bless all of you. Decco Bikes is a joke. Let our local bike shops take the lead in bike rentals. Isn't that what they are for in the love of God. What is education for? Some neighborhoods work well with all this get out of the car mentality, others do not!!! So, one size does not fit all as proposed by Circulate San Diego. The community of Clairemont across the board does not even know what a bike looks like....exaggeration intended. So, Danny is one of the few people on the planet being a member of the one million mile club....walking, cycling, running and swimming...I know my onions or transportation... lol Lets build our collective consciousness through education and strong clear leadership before we mandate all these unattainable benchmarks. Will you all stand with my campaign for D2 of our San Diego City Council in can even call me Danny! God bless all of you, Danny@Daniel Smiechowski 

    Don Wood
    Don Wood subscriber

    During the discussion of SANDAG semantics, the guys note that SANDAG's initiative assumes that local population will grow over time, and there is nothing we can do about it.  Perhaps voters should test that theory by developing a citizen's initiative that calls on all local governments, SANDAG and other planning organizations to do everything possible to discourage people in other parts of the country from moving here. SANDAG and local governments spend millions of taxpayer dollars trying to attract companies and families to move here to live. What would happen if they stopped using taxpayer, including local transient occupant taxes, to encourage people to visit and/or move to San Diego County?  Immigrations may be inevitable, but why should our tax dollars keep being spent to exacerbate the problems associated with regional population growth?  I for one am tired of my taxes being spent to make our region's problems worse.  VOSD should take a hard look at what effect this kind of spending is affecting long term growth projections.