A major bombshell went down this week: San Diego Unified School Board Trustee Marne Foster resigned, admitting to accepting illegal gifts as a public official.

Podcast co-host Scott Lewis was joined by VOSD’s Ry Rivard this week, and the two talked about how it got to this point and all the other questionable things Foster’s done during her tumultuous tenure.

Bryan Pease, an environmentalist and public interest lawyer who recently added his name to the list of city attorney candidates, was the guest on the show this week. He talked about how he has plans to be a Mike Aguirre-style official who represents the people’s interests rather than city officials’.

They also touched on the city’s awkward problem of having too much water during a drought, and came up with a few good questions they’d ask Chargers owner Dean Spanos if he’d ever agree to an interview.

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    Written by Lina Chankar

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