Thursday, Nov. 9, 2006 | Lately, I’ve been spending my time savoring the secrets of regular people’s diaries. I’ve just been reading personal finance blogs.

As part of the ongoing evolution in how the Internet is changing our lives, people are now unveiling their bank accounts (details not account numbers), assets and habits for the world to read. Go to, type in personal finance and you’ll see what I mean.

The personal-finances blogosphere is a very well-established community and it seems that the primary bloggers all read each others posts and may even be friends. This week several of the personal finance bloggers – led by Jim at is described as “the money musings of a 30-something family man.” In a recent post, Mr. Nickel bemoans the fact that since gas prices dropped over the past six months, Americans started buying gas guzzling SUVs again. He says we deserve high gas prices and I have to agree. tracks the personal finance “observation, musing and decisions” on the writer’s journey toward accumulating a million dollars by age 36. PFBlog is 30.

Here are a few more to try:

City Girl is a 24-year old San Francisco woman, who bought her first house in 2004 with one of those old fashioned 30-year fixed-rate mortgages. One of City Girl’s posts actually did list the contents of her wallet.

These DINKs (dual-income no kids) from Washington, D.C. provide their names, occupations and a picture. And a link to their wedding web page. The couple blogs about all manner of personal-finance issues, including saving money on a business conference, their views on poverty and the joys of refinancing., or “Parenting by the seat of our pants,” is written by a mom and dad who blog about family life and teaching kids about the value of a dollar.

This blog is by a 30-something who calls himself LAMoneyGuy. His most recent posts covered wedding expenses, airline and hotel miles, and blog advertising.

Catherine MacRae Hockmuth is a free-lance writer living in Point Loma. Please contact her directly with your thoughts, ideas, personal stories or tips. Or send a letter to the editor.

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